African Educare Mission Group

  • Build schools/clinics

    Building schools and clinics in socially deprived areas..

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  • Provide supplies

    Providing school and medical supplies to challenged medical and educational institutions.

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  • Education programs

    Providing continuing education programs to adults: literacy; learning French; English as a second language; Computer literacy, etc.

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Save needy people from a life of misery!


African Educare Mission Group (AEMG) is a non-profit organization founded by Dr. Adrien N. Ngudiankama. The AEMG promotes education, health, leadership development, and entrepreneurship in Sub-Saharan African countries. African Educare Mission Group is the mission hand of Salem Gospel Ministries and works jointly with the Baptist and International Ministries at American University (BIMAU).


Assisting institutions in seeking grants/funding, creating partnerships, technical assistance in projects elaboration, management, and evaluation.


Please contact Dr.Adrien N. Ngudiankama at 240-595-2127, or at adrien@africaneducaremission.

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How We Help

  • Activities in Sub-Saharan Africa:
  • Building schools and clinics.
  • Providing school & medical supplies.
  • Continuing education programs.
  • Basic Health Promotion programs.
  • Activities among African migrants:
  • Health Promotion programs.
  • Cultural orientation.
  • Assisting Support Institutions.
  • Symposia, workshops & conferences.

The banner says Salem Gospel Ministries, RDCongo. Projet: Gombe Sud For Christ. Initiated and Supported by Dr. Adrien Ngudiankama and friends. We hope for a School, Hospital and other aspects of development in Mbunga.UR MISSION

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